Rolling Out Rural Broadband,At Mobile World Congress 2010, which was held this past month in Barcelona,

At Mobile World Congress 2010, which was held this past month in ruralsuiteBarcelona, RAD Data Communications made headlines around the world when it introduced RuralSuite, a dedicated product portfolio for extending broadband coverage to outlying areas or White Spaces over existing copper or fiber infrastructure, or by using wireless links. RuralSuite reduces infrastructure costs by enabling operators to leverage existing copper and fiber plant or deploy lightly licensed microwave for fixed broadband access or efficient backhaul of broadband mobile traffic. Low CapEx and neglible OpEx per Megabit help operators recoup investment costs despite low subscriber numbers. Ilan Seidner, RAD’s Director of Marketing Communications, examines what’s behind the headlines.

Ever since the global financial meltdown began, governments around the world have increasingly opted to offer “stimulus” packages that are designed to strengthen their banking systems, create jobs and, perhaps most importantly in the long term, sponsor infrastructure projects that generate a “multiplier effect” on their economies by increasing the public’s demand for goods and services and, therefore, jobs. More than 50 countries have adopted or pledged stimulus programs that are estimated to be backed with over $3 trillion in funds. Continue reading